Why Pine Court Apartments is the top choice for VCU Off Campus Housing

Students who seek out comfortable, spacious yet affordable places to stay while studying in college should consider Pine Court Apartments. These VCU off-campus apartmentsare loaded with the luxuries to accomplish any college task ahead of you, as well as the amenities you need to make after a long day in class. Whether at work, or at play, our spacious student-oriented residences will make you feel right at home.

Located at an extremely convenient distance from Virginia Commonwealth University, students of this college will be able to access more than their classrooms and cafeterias from the Pine Court. Residents can easily reach restaurants, cafés, recreational areas, as well as hospitals and police kiosks in case of emergencies. Don’t settle for a single mom’s basement when you need to move to Virginia for college; the Pine Court won’t break your bank!

Features and Amenities

The Pine Court Apartments have all the things a student from any course would need to complete their academic requirements, as well as luxuries that will help them kick back on days off. Offering both spacious places to work and comfy places to chill out, college life might end up even more enjoyable then you thought it would!

Renting from Pine Court Apartments  include the following:

  • Utilities Included – Typical utilities such as water, gas and a running sewage line will make sure the bare essentials of your survival are covered. Utility fees will be included the base payment plans for any kind of apartment.
  • Electricity and Wireless Internet – Taking a step into the digital age is now mandatory for anybody studying at a University, and the Pine Court is here to help you take that step. Not only will you be able to find ample power for your devices here, but high-speed wireless internet will make sure you get your term papers and projects done in no time flat.
  • Cable TV – Need to kill time in between classes? Sit back and watch your favorite shows and movies at your Pine Court crash pad. Our cable TV also includes HBO and STARZ, on top of a heap of other, prime channels.
  • Private External Courtyard – If you think you are spending too much time in a stuffy classroom or lecture hall, then our private courtyards offer a convenient outdoor foil to your claustrophobia. Relax alongside the serene greenery and the blue skies when you feel the college life becomes too much to handle!
  • Daily Maintenance & Laundry – While you’ll be left up to your own when you need to clean your own living space, the common areas in and around the Pine Court complex undergo regular maintenance and cleaning. Laundry facilities are also located on-site, if your dirty drawers can’t last another day in your constantly-filled laundry bin.

All these amenities would mean nothing if the residents aren’t housed securely from unscrupulous characters and other undesirable elements of a community. While these might be few and far in between, Pine Court Apartments takes one step further to eliminate security threats with the following measures:

  • Secure parking areas are allotted for students with cars or other vehicles, and include handy garage remotes for easy access.
  • CCTV systems, which are also readily viewable on residents’ televisions, monitor common areas 24/7.
  • Dead bolts are installed on all apartment doors for added security for when students are at class, or elsewhere.
  • Management is available around the clock, and are easily reachable for the residents at any given time of the day or night.

Units at Pine Court Apartments are typically booked before the next school year at Virginia Commonwealth University begins. Vacancies are usually low, so plan ahead if you would like to book an apartment for yourself or for your children entering college. You may book online, or call the official Pine Court offices for more details.

Location, Location

Part of what makes Pine Court apartments a popular choice is its convenient location. Not only will residents be situated next to the Virginia Commonwealth University, but they will also be located next to other, useful establishments. You will never have to hike miles away to convenience stores, restaurants, cafés, or even emergency services ever again.

For students of Virginia Commonwealth University, taking up residency at the Pine Court apartment complex will put them at a stone’s throw to the following facilities:

  • The VCU Engineering School, which is situated within one block of the Pine Court.
  • The VCU New Business School is also located about one block from the Pine Court.
  • The VCU Cary Street Gymnasium is located about the same distance.
  • A large, multi-level parking complex is located nexto the Pine Court III complex for easy access to your vehicle.

Pine Court Apartments understands that a location that is convenient for students will enable them to do better at their studies. You never want to be too tired from walking home after school, after all. Come home to a comfortable apartment after a long day at school, without having to transfer buses or take the train for hours!

With features and amenities for the modern student, combined with a quick and easy location, residents are surely in for a treat. Pine Court Apartments will offer students and their concerned parents the best value for money, so that you have more time to worry about their studies instead!

Pine Court Apartments offer all of the on campus benefits with the cost of VCU off campus housing.