Guidelines and Precautions for Exceptional Housing at VCU

Finding housing at VCU or Virginia Commonwealth University is important because this is primarily where students will live during their college days at VCU and play a very significant role in the overall quality of their university experience. Friends and influential individuals that are met in the first year of college are usually the people that one cherishes for life, and the place of accommodation plays an essential role in meeting them. This aspect is sometimes costly and it is troublesome to give too much importance to the impact of housing at VCU on the student budget.
Like many universities, VCU provides affordable accommodations within their property to a limited number of students whose application will be approved. There are other tertiary educational systems that offer university-provided or managed houses or similar properties. Some schools sub-contract student accommodation to private companies to provide affordable and worthwhile housing for their students. Also, a handful of universities rely on private sector housing or local private apartments—or a mixture of these options.

Putting the aforementioned factors into consideration, it can be said that housing at VCU is basically an ideal option, especially for those who want to eliminate the hassles of finding lodging alternatives and want to be closer to school facilities. On the other hand, there are a couple of things that should be considered by those who want to try the accommodation establishments outside the campus. Among them are as follows:

What university housing options are available?

In general, one has the luxury of choosing rooms in different halls and diverse lodging flats. Conventional halls are established on corridors, while contemporary ones are generally arranged in flats, while a couple of rooms may have their own bathrooms.  A majority of universities provide accommodations that are self-catered and catered halls are imperative in some.

To utilize this option and to get the most of housing at VCU, one may check the university profile for a summary of what the school offers and the website for comprehensive specifications of the residence halls. It would also be ideal to personally check out the place that is applied for to make sure that it will suit a particular need or preference.

How much will the housing cost?

From about 100 USD a week for a basic accommodation in a budget area to say, 200 USD per week for a luxury room with reliable Internet connection are the common rates nowadays. Again, it would be best to review the university profile so one may get accustomed to the costs that may be encountered for housing at VCU.  One may settle for a term time agreement, which is basically fitting, especially if a particular person has a place to go during the holiday season. Other agreements are specifically designed to cover a whole academic year.

How to apply for student housing?

Application basically involves answering application forms that are sometimes available via the Internet. A lot of times, protocols include writing personal statements or answering inquiries like interests or whether an individual smokes, so that the housing personnel can try to gather students that share the same interests or preferences. With this in mind, ensuring the application form will be submitted before the closing date is mandatory because generally, housing is reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Upon reading the options above, it can be said that university housing at VCU can be considered as advantageous alternatives for students who are looking to save some extra money for the school year. But for those who want to try accommodation outside the university, below are some of the choices that are available and their advantages.
Private housing

Outside housing at VCU is also a good option because there are several commercial student accommodation establishments that are owned and managed by private entities as well. They are designed and purposely constructed to accommodate students from different states and cities that have different preferences.

Renting residential housing/apartments

For those who need/want to rent privately rather than take VCU housing, the university housing service personnel may give valuable information with regards to this matter. They may even have a list of reliable and worthwhile housing options that students can choose from. It should be remembered though that cost effective housing options are somewhat difficult to find.

Self housing at VCU is usually a lot affordable and are ideal options for individuals who know how to budget for food. On the other hand, it is important to consider the travel costs when opting for housing alternatives outside the school premises. In addition, it would be best to choose a student accommodation establishment that has reliable electricity, Internet connection, and water supply, among others. It is important to make sure that the mentioned necessities are in order since it will be a disadvantage to pay for a place that cannot provide to them.


Overall, solitary people or individuals who study in VCU and prefer to practice independence can depend on student accommodations that are located on or near-by the campus.

In general, there are worthwhile and affordable housing options that are appropriate for young students who want to save a significant amount of money. Determining the best housing option that suits a particular individual is probably the most significant decision that any college student can make when transferring to VCU or other universities. The whole proceeding does not need to be difficult and troublesome.

In the end, there are a lot of options out there that are designed to suit certain personalities and traits. By doing a little research, one may successfully attain the perfect housing at VCU without encountering any hassles or inconveniences in any way.