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  • Virginia Commonwealth University – Living on Campus and Student Life


    College life is perhaps one of the more memorable years of one’s life and it can be yours too. College life is not all about independence and exploring what you want in life but also building a foundation for the future. It does not need to be extremely stiff. You can always balance your campus life even with all the academics. A right balance between academics, social life, and extracurricular should help you gain a very good experience including a way for you to determine what you really want in life.

    Living on campus and experiencing student life at Virginia Commonwealth University is like no other. There are many activities, organizations, and events that students can participate in depending on their preferences and interests. You have a number of options when it comes to making the most out of your living the college dream and experiencing student life at Virginia Commonwealth University.

    Student Organizations

    There are more than 400 VCU student organizations that you can be involved with. Depending on your interests, you may find just the right group to work with and interact with throughout your college life. Regardless if you are up for some fraternity or sorority life, campus programming, political involvement, student government, religious activity, recreation, student media, community service, there are student organizations available for you to join. The joining process may vary but you have the option or the freedom to be part of anything you are interested in.

    The good thing about the student organizations at VCU is that the students in these groups share similar goals and are accommodating of having other students join in their different pursuits. You can sign up for the kind of student organization you want.

    Student Programming

    As mentioned, nothing beats enhancing your college experience than participating in a multitude of programs and activities around the VCU campus. VCU along with the USC&A allow students to take part in many different fun and worthwhile events all throughout the year. You can look at the calendar of events and experience all the exciting activities lined up by the student body and the university. Just like how you can choose which student organization to join, you can also choose which events to participate into or watch.

    Fraternity & Sorority Life

    Being a part of a fraternity or sorority may be the thing can enhance the kind of college experience that you will be having. Fraternities and sororities are known for being one of the most prominent social niches in college. However, take note that it is not just about socials. There is also the right balance between being socially involved while pursuing the academic goals that you have. Plus, fraternities and sororities are also involved in a lot of community programs which you may find quite interesting.

    Fraternity or sorority life is like no other. There is no similar life to it in college but it does not mean that it should be the only choice. Rather, you are still given the chance to explore your options when living the college life at VCU.

    VUC offers a diverse combination of fraternities as well sororities catering to different and preferred values and personalities of individuals. Fraternities and sororities often work with a community-wide calendar that has activities planned out throughout the year. There are many types of activities including large chapter events and council meetings.


    VCU also provides just the right grounds for you to hone your leadership skills. The university and the student body host a range of programs helping students to explore leadership roles and their leadership capacities. Some programs you can participate into include: USC&A Student Organization Officer Training, Leadership and Service Awards, Leadership Series, and getting to know other prominent and influential leadership personalities.

    Volunteer Opportunities and Break Point

    You can also become a volunteer and take part in community service programs either individually or through groups. Break Point, on the other hand, is a games room located at the University Student Commons area allowing students to play pool, poker, board games a whole lot more. Students are also allowed to bring in their guests.


    VCU offers housing assistance and assignments depending on the living arrangements of the student or your choice of living arrangement. You can find rental housing assistance, even a roommate locator to settle your living needs. Houses for sale and finding the right furniture are some just of the additional services that you can get from the housing assistance. You either have the choice to live inside or off site campus. Depending on your preferences, the right choice varies.

    If you are looking for a good apartment off campus but still with the necessary on campus conveniences then Pine Court VCU Apartments may be the right choice for you. Pine Court buildings are easily located near the campus and offer some of the newer establishments or units in the area. Rent dues already include utilities so you can have a convenient payment scheme.  Pine Court Apartment offers best of both worlds in both VCU on campus living and VCU off campus living.

    VCU offers off campus assistance as well so it should not be a problem being outside. From alternate transportation to cafes and food joints, you can easily spot them. You also have convenient access to activity or social venues just like you are wondering whether travel is a problem. Enjoy your college life at VCU with the right living accommodations. It shouldn’t be hard to find the right living quarters if you know where to look.

  • Off Campus Housing Options at VCU

    College and university life is often defined as a tiring but happy adventure towards the goal of independent life. Studying and living away from our parents’ house is a critical situation, especially to freshmen students. The comfort of your bedroom within mom and dad’s house is quite different from the bunk beds that are prevalent in school dormitories and boarding houses.


    Living away from home is very different. Not like in the movies, where a student can become roommates with a person of the same style or have a room with luxurious beddings and sheets. Most of the time, a college student suffers from the lack of knowledge when it comes to selecting the proper lodging that is conducive for learning, as well as for the hectic schedules of a college student.

    So what defines proper lodging?  Leak free bathrooms, hot and cold shower, secured neighborhood, laundry facilities, parking space, and security cameras are just a few things that could define one. Plus add a private bathroom, uninterrupted electricity and water supply, high speed Internet connection and what do you have?  – Luxury college living.  And believe it or not, it is available to anyone living off a college student’s budget.

    At Pine Court Apartments, students studying at Virginia Commonwealth University can have the same feeling of living at home, but with the privacy and independence that a college student needs. Off campus living with on campus convenience holds true for Pine Court Apartments. Off campus housing at VCU and university life has become very convenient because most of the necessities are now located within the vicinity of the apartments.

    So what can I get from Pine Court Apartments?

    Quiet Study Area
    Imagine endless nights of studying – the peace that it requires and the stress that comes with it. Now imagine living in a space where you can find a steady Internet connection, reliable electricity and water supply in a secured location. That’s where Pine Court Apartment comes into place. You are guaranteed the peace and quiet that you need to study plus the basic need of every student today – an Internet connection.

    Reliable Comfort
    Comfort is one of the luxuries that college students can have while staying at Pine Court Apartments. Because electricity, water supply and Internet connection are reliable, as well as the cable TV, there is no need for time-consuming repairs and waiting time for students on the rush for the next lecture or exam. At Pine Court Apartment, one is guaranteed that every bedroom has its own bathroom. Comfort also means peace of mind. There is a camera security system within each building and each apartment has dead bolts on doors. You can even view the security camera on your TV! Now that’s very different from living too far away from the campus!

    Secured Premises
    At Pine Court Apartments, one is guaranteed to have a good rest after a tiring day of class because the perimeters of its buildings are equipped with state of the art security cameras. Another feature is the sprinkler and the smoke detection system. If having a good sleep equals to high security and a guarantee that the space you are living in won’t get burned while you sleep, Pine Court Apartment is the best place for you!

    Parking Space!
    University life is hard without a car. And university students with a car often suffer from the lack of parking space. But at Pine Court Apartments, the vicinity is equipped with convenient parking spaces that are guaranteed to be secure because cars can only come in through remote control access. Having a parking space and security are the best things in life when it comes to living worry-free near campus.

    Budget Wise Housing
    With all these amenities and features, you may think that living at Pine Courts will cost you a fortune. Well, not at all! You can choose from different styles of rooms in an apartment with the same amenities – with costs that are suitable for every student. Keep in mind that each unit has electricity, water, sewer, internet, cable TV, security, parking space, daily janitorial maintenance and a private exterior courtyard. If you decide to live far away from campus, these amenities will have to be paid separately.

    So is Pine Court near the Campus?
    Pine Court Apartments gives you a very short distance from the main student facilities on campus, making it one of the most conducive housing options for the budget-wise student. Situated along Cary Street, which is the main street running through the campus, you can easily access, whether walking or biking, any of the University’s buildings. Having the amenities mentioned above, it’s like living in your house that is walking/biking distance from your school!

    What Would My Parents Say?
    With the modern security features that Pine Court Apartments have in all its buildings, security will never be a problem for mom and dad. The parking space is enough for you to convince dad to buy you a car. Mom will be delighted to know that you can always call the building manager when there happens to be a problem. Dad will like the privacy that each unit has – along with the private bathroom. And Mom will be happy to know that you won’t bring any dirty laundry when you come home every weekend because the rent at Pine Court includes laundry facilities. So all in all, with these VCU apartments, everybody will be happy.

  • The Best Apartment for Students at VCU

    Every college student dreads something in their apartment. It’s not the building manager, not the creepy roommate, and not even the shadows that lurk inside cabinets or under beds. It’s the rent that they have to pay every month! It seems that this problem happens to every college student – and when you graduate you once again experience this when you move to your own living space.

    But there is something new, something that gives college students a new light in campus housing. Pine Court Apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University now offers very affordable apartment units for every college student – starting at $750.
    At $750 You Get..

    • Various amenities such as security cameras around the building – which is accessible through the television set that is included in the rent. Mind you, the television does not only have access to the security cameras, but also has cable. Watch movies on HBO and STARZ after figuring out the solution to that Math problem you’ve been trying to answer for hours!
    • High-speed Internet connection. Do we need to elaborate more on this one?
    • Dependable electricity and water supply. With the fast-paced university life, electric and water interruption should never add to the problems of a college student. With the utility service at Pine Court Apartments, life continues without interruption for the hectic schedule of the busy college student.
    • Parking space with remote control access. Because parking always becomes the main source of security problems for any college student with a car, a secured parking space is a luxury added to the monthly rent!
    • Each unit is designed and equipped with a private bathroom. Nothing says comfort and peace of mind than private comfort and a clean bathroom. A working sewer also helps! A busy college student may not be too enthusiastic with baths, but the main reason that the bathroom is there gives the unit a more comfortable feeling – a subtle privacy concern addressed by Pine Court Apartments.
    • Lastly, laundry facilities. Convenience is the key for a successful college life. Laundry facilities within the building give the student the chance to experience hassle-free living without piles of dirty clothes strewn on the floor!


    Can I Practice Being Independent?
    Definitely. At every Pine Court unit, you are the master of your universe. The universe is your unit, and the unit is your universe. You are subject to your own rules. You can study while taking a bath at the same time, and even watch your favorite movies during your free time. Since privacy is the main concern when living outside your parents’ house, Pine Court Apartments suit your need to be independent in your own private area.

    Because almost everything you need to live is already included in your monthly bill, Pine Court guarantees that your college life will be pleasant – less worrying for deadlines and the stress of studying itself. But the beauty of living independently, without your Mom calling for you to wake up, is a new perspective in your life; Your college life.

    The Main Point of Housing Options
    First of all, you must assess the area that you want to live in. VCU Off campus housing options often gives each and every college student a headache. But deciding to live in Pine Court Apartments, all factors to be considered in choosing a place to stay are guaranteed to be met and even exceeded. It is strategically located within the university. Just along Cary Street – the main road towards the campus. This means that you can already see the short distance Pine Court has with VCU.

    At $750 you get to have high speed Internet connection, electricity, water supply, cable TV and a sweet en suite room. Compared to living in an apartment off campus, your $750 gives you more at Pine Court Apartments. Added to that bonus is the daily janitorial services to keep the halls and the corridors clean, making sure that all the convenient amenities are spread before you.

    Security cameras
    Security is one of the most convenient luxuries that Pine Court Apartment offers to every tenant living on its buildings. With this modern way of securing that you and your belongings are safe night and day, you can sleep and go to school without having to think if somebody gets your personal properties while you are away.

    And all the space you need
    Parking space, personal space, and private space. You get to have this for the starting price of $750. What is more important is that when you have your own space, you tend to become more focused on what you are doing – studying. Students who decided to stay at Pine Court Apartments are happy, free, and more focused with their academic life.

    I Want A Unit NOW!

    You can apply online before the school year starts to ensure that you can have a place to stay for the whole year. Click here for our online Application form. You can choose from different units, with the exception of having to go through wasting a lot of time. Mom and Dad will be pleased to know that you have chosen to live in a quiet, secured and well-managed housing – on a budget. The start of independence is the start of choosing a good apartment to live in, the way Pine Court Apartments guarantee you and your parents.

  • Guidelines and Precautions for Exceptional Housing at VCU

    Finding housing at VCU or Virginia Commonwealth University is important because this is primarily where students will live during their college days at VCU and play a very significant role in the overall quality of their university experience. Friends and influential individuals that are met in the first year of college are usually the people that one cherishes for life, and the place of accommodation plays an essential role in meeting them. This aspect is sometimes costly and it is troublesome to give too much importance to the impact of housing at VCU on the student budget.
    Like many universities, VCU provides affordable accommodations within their property to a limited number of students whose application will be approved. There are other tertiary educational systems that offer university-provided or managed houses or similar properties. Some schools sub-contract student accommodation to private companies to provide affordable and worthwhile housing for their students. Also, a handful of universities rely on private sector housing or local private apartments—or a mixture of these options.

    Putting the aforementioned factors into consideration, it can be said that housing at VCU is basically an ideal option, especially for those who want to eliminate the hassles of finding lodging alternatives and want to be closer to school facilities. On the other hand, there are a couple of things that should be considered by those who want to try the accommodation establishments outside the campus. Among them are as follows:

    What university housing options are available?

    In general, one has the luxury of choosing rooms in different halls and diverse lodging flats. Conventional halls are established on corridors, while contemporary ones are generally arranged in flats, while a couple of rooms may have their own bathrooms.  A majority of universities provide accommodations that are self-catered and catered halls are imperative in some.

    To utilize this option and to get the most of housing at VCU, one may check the university profile for a summary of what the school offers and the website for comprehensive specifications of the residence halls. It would also be ideal to personally check out the place that is applied for to make sure that it will suit a particular need or preference.

    How much will the housing cost?

    From about 100 USD a week for a basic accommodation in a budget area to say, 200 USD per week for a luxury room with reliable Internet connection are the common rates nowadays. Again, it would be best to review the university profile so one may get accustomed to the costs that may be encountered for housing at VCU.  One may settle for a term time agreement, which is basically fitting, especially if a particular person has a place to go during the holiday season. Other agreements are specifically designed to cover a whole academic year.

    How to apply for student housing?

    Application basically involves answering application forms that are sometimes available via the Internet. A lot of times, protocols include writing personal statements or answering inquiries like interests or whether an individual smokes, so that the housing personnel can try to gather students that share the same interests or preferences. With this in mind, ensuring the application form will be submitted before the closing date is mandatory because generally, housing is reserved on a first come, first served basis.

    Upon reading the options above, it can be said that university housing at VCU can be considered as advantageous alternatives for students who are looking to save some extra money for the school year. But for those who want to try accommodation outside the university, below are some of the choices that are available and their advantages.
    Private housing

    Outside housing at VCU is also a good option because there are several commercial student accommodation establishments that are owned and managed by private entities as well. They are designed and purposely constructed to accommodate students from different states and cities that have different preferences.

    Renting residential housing/apartments

    For those who need/want to rent privately rather than take VCU housing, the university housing service personnel may give valuable information with regards to this matter. They may even have a list of reliable and worthwhile housing options that students can choose from. It should be remembered though that cost effective housing options are somewhat difficult to find.

    Self housing at VCU is usually a lot affordable and are ideal options for individuals who know how to budget for food. On the other hand, it is important to consider the travel costs when opting for housing alternatives outside the school premises. In addition, it would be best to choose a student accommodation establishment that has reliable electricity, Internet connection, and water supply, among others. It is important to make sure that the mentioned necessities are in order since it will be a disadvantage to pay for a place that cannot provide to them.


    Overall, solitary people or individuals who study in VCU and prefer to practice independence can depend on student accommodations that are located on or near-by the campus.

    In general, there are worthwhile and affordable housing options that are appropriate for young students who want to save a significant amount of money. Determining the best housing option that suits a particular individual is probably the most significant decision that any college student can make when transferring to VCU or other universities. The whole proceeding does not need to be difficult and troublesome.

    In the end, there are a lot of options out there that are designed to suit certain personalities and traits. By doing a little research, one may successfully attain the perfect housing at VCU without encountering any hassles or inconveniences in any way.

  • 4 Factors To Consider When Looking For a VCU Apartment

    The Virginia Commonwealth University is a world renowned college that is located in downtown Richmond, Virginia. It’s location offers access to all the big city amenities that you could ever dream of, but unfortunately, it also comes with all the issues that can come with city.
    Richmond is plagued with parking problems – if you actually find a parking place that is within 5 miles of your destination, you can give yourself a big pat on the back. But after you pay the exorbitant parking fee, you’ll probably realize that you are already ten minutes late for class – hardly an ideal situation.

    Then, there is the issue of security. Richmond is much lot safer than large cities Philadelphia or Chicago, but there are still some trouble areas in the city.

    Taking these factors into consideration, along with a whole bevy of others, is important when looking for VCU apartments. VCU housing is sometimes difficult to find, but if you can find suitable accommodations at VCU, it will make your life a whole lot easier. Following are the 4 main things you need to consider when looking for apartments at VCU.


    When it comes to VCU housing, and university housing in general, location is incredibly important. If you do choose to live in VCU off campus housing, you want to choose apartment buildings that are as close to the VCU campus as possible. The last thing you probably want to do after a long day of hard work is sit on a bus for half an hour or walk ten miles to get to your VCU off campus housing.

    In general, you should look for VCU housing that is less than 2 blocks off campus – preferably closer to 1. This way, you may even be able to return to your apartment in between classes to take a nap or have a quick, home cooked meal. Most people underestimate the value of having VCU off campus living quarters very close to the university campus.


    The next thing you need to consider are the amenities of particular VCU apartments. Most VCU housing facilities are quite “bare”, to say the least. VCU off campus apartments are known to be notoriously basic when it comes to amenities – after all, university students don’t usually have big budgets and aren’t the most “careful” when it comes to these kinds of things.

    Things to look for are laundry facilities, outdoor areas that you can use for a barbeque, an in unit dishwasher, and even guest parking. You won’t be able to find many VCU off campus apartments that include things like pools, fitness rooms and other fancy things, but we are talking about student housing here, not luxury living.


    Security, especially around universities, is always an issue. VCU is a pretty safe university with a significant security presence, but there are some issues with some of the surrounding areas in regards to crime. For most people, it isn’t a major issue to deal with, but you do have to be careful when choosing housing at VCU.

    It is essential that the VCU apartments you consider have the appropriate security measures in place to keep you safe. Now, VCU off campus apartments don’t have to be on the same level as Fort Knox, but simple things like controlled access, adequate outdoor lighting, and appropriate door locks on all doors are very important.


    Lastly, when looking at VCU off campus housing, you need to consider parking. There are quite a few great VCU off campus apartments available, but if you own a car and they don’t offer parking, they are of no use to you. You could always park your car at another location, (which will cost you quite a bit of money every month) but it just isn’t worth the hassle.

    When looking at apartments at VCU, consider the parking situation. Is parking available? How much does it cost every month? Is it an outdoor pad or is it an underground parking garage? If it is an outdoor pad, are you responsible for clearing away any snow on the rare occasion that it does snow? What is the security situation like? These are all important questions you need to ask when looking at potential VCU housing.

    If you can find VCU housing that offers an ideal location near the VCU campus (preferably within a block or two), offers a wide range of amenities, is safe and has adequate parking facilities, you can’t really go wrong! When you do find housing at VCU that meets all these requirements, sign a lease as soon as possible – there is a good chance that if you don’t, someone else will!