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  • The Basics of Freshmen Housing At VCU


    One major question incoming freshmen students at Virginia Commonwealth University ask is ‘do I live in the dorm or live in an off-campus freshmen housing at VCU?’ While it is commonly perceived that living in the dorm is cheaper, more convenient, and easier overall, think again. Here are no-nonsense reasons why apartments near VCU are clearly the best choice when it comes to freshmen housing at VCU.


    As stated above, living in off-campus freshmen housing at VCU is actually cheaper compared to living in a dorm. This is great news for students on a strict budget, or for those who just want some money saved up to be used for other necessities. Some freshmen housing at VCU come with electricity, cable TV, water, and high speed Internet access among others, while others will require you to pay for the said utilities, so be on the lookout for apartments in VCU with all-inclusive packages.


    One of the main advantages that off-campus freshmen housing at VCU offers is privacy. This can mean a spot in the Dean’s List or flunking your exams. With apartments, you can pick the level of privacy you’re comfortable with; get a roommate/s or simply choose a one-bedroom apartment. When you live in your own apartment, you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking every little rule the dorm requires you to follow.

    Majority of VCU dormitories only permit a certain number of guests daily and only at specific times, while some go as far as only allowing people of the same sex to visit in the dorms. Likewise, all, and by all, we mean ALL VCU freshmen dorms appoint an RA or Residential Adviser and a hall director to keep watch on all dorm residents and report to the University whenever necessary. If you want to feel like you didn’t leave home, then by all means, live in a dorm since the RA will be watching your every move like a hawk.

    Furthermore, if you don’t want to follow strict (and oftentimes ridiculous) rules and regulations imposed by the dorm, such as curfews, you’ll be better off living in an apartment. In apartments, you will only find maintenance crews and 24-hour apartment managers to help you with stuff you may require, but not hall directors or residential advisers to watch every little move you make.

    In addition, you will be subjected to frequent and usually, surprise inspections of your room. While this is for the good of everyone in the dorm and to ensure overall safety and living standards, this can be annoying, especially if you are in the ‘zone’ studying for an important exam, or getting that much needed rest. In an apartment complex, apartment managers, campus police, and housing officials may drop by once in a blue moon, but rest assured that these visits are for a specific and important purpose.

    In general, the rules and regulations dorms stringently enforce will greatly limit your privacy and independence that you should feel after leaving home to start embarking on your ultimate college experience. With an off-campus apartment, you get your privacy, your sense of responsibility, and your fun however and whenever, just as long as you remember to respect the very reasonable rules of the apartment and your neighbors around you.

    Space and Appliances

    Space is likewise a big factor when deciding on a freshmen housing at VCU. It has been said time and time again that when you live in a dorm, you’ll know how it feels to live in can of sardines—yes, some dorms can be that small. With apartments however, you get to pick how much space you need, and at a reasonable price you can certainly afford.

    Some even come with balconies, which can be very handy if you want to go ‘outside’ to take a breather, but not outside of the apartment per se. Also, when you live in an apartment, you get the pleasure of having your very own bathroom. There are even apartments that come with bathrooms for every single room; great for those who don’t like sharing their bathrooms.

    Other important factors in relation to space requirements when looking at freshmen housing at VCU are furniture and appliances. With dorms, you will find that they only provide certain appliances and you can only use these when you comply with the specific rules and regulations pertaining to each every appliance. Likewise, furniture is a major issue.

    In dorm rooms, you cannot just put up stuff when you feel like it. You have to have permission from the University and to get permission; your request should be in compliance with the dorm rules and regulations.


    When looking for an off-campus freshmen housing at VCU, the location of the apartment complex is likewise of the utmost importance. You want to find an apartment that is as close to the VCU area as much as possible, but is also close to important establishments and businesses. Preferably, you should find one within walking distance to VCU so you won’t have to trouble yourself with traffic and being late to your classes.

    In addition, a great location would be one that is close to stores, restaurants or cafes, the campus police, and the fire department in case of emergencies.

    General Safety and Maintenance

    Of course, when choosing the most ideal freshmen housing at VCU, you should check for overall safety and maintenance of your living space. In topnotch apartments, they have very secure parking spaces, with some even having garage remote for utmost security. On the other hand, in dorms, good luck finding a parking space for your car since secure parking areas is very hard to come by.

    Additionally, great apartments also employ high-tech camera security systems to make sure that you and your possessions are always safe. They also come with dead bolts, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and security cameras you can see right on your TV. Proper and regular maintenance is also very valuable to have when you live in your own apartment. Preferably, your apartment should have daily janitorial services, on-call maintenance crews, and a 24-hour manager that can be easily reached with your mobile phone.

    Overall, when you live in an off-campus freshmen housing at VCU, you make your college experience unforgettable without having to worry about various expenses, severe rules and regulations, your privacy, and safety.

  • The VCU Basketball Program Through The Years

    Taking a break from our normal topics on VCU living, we are extremely proud of the VCU Basketball program and its accomplishments.  The VCU Basketball Program is a college men’s basketball program currently headed by well-renowned head coach Shaka Smart. The VCU Rams men’s basketball team of the Virginia Commonwealth University competes in the NCAA’s Division I mid-major Colonial Athletic Association.

    History of the VCU Basketball Program

    Established in 1968, the VCU Basketball Program followed the merger of the Medical College of Virginia and the Richmond Professional Institute. The Rams played their first season in 1968 to 1969 as an independent team and managed to get into the 1978 National Invitation Tournament only to lose against the University of Detroit in the 1st round.

    The VCU basketball team under Shaka Smart is the first team ever to sweep the CBI post-season tournament’s best of three championship matches to become the CBI Champions in 2010, which is also a first for the VCU Basketball Program.

    Coaches of the VCU Basketball Program

    The VCU Basketball Program has had 10 head coaches through the years. The first coach of the Rams is Benny Dees who headed the team for two seasons. Dees managed to get some wins but was fired since he couldn’t get the team past .500. Chuck Noe was consequently hired and coached for six seasons.

    Coach Dana Kirk

    Dana Kirk became the Rams’ head coach in 1976 and led the team to a record of 24-5, earning them a place in the National Invitational Tournament. This marks the first time the Rams made it to major tournament, only to lose in the 1st round. He left the Rams in 1979 to coach in Memphis.

    Coach J.D. Barnett

    Under the tutelage of Dana Kirk, the Rams got invited to the Sun Belt Conference and when he left, J.D. Barnett was consequently hired. Barrett headed the team from 1979-1985 and led the team to five NCAA Tournaments out of a total of six seasons, and to four Sun Belt championships which they won. Because of his success, Barnett was offered a position in Tulsa.

    Coach Mike Pollio

    After Barnett left, Mike Pollio signed up as head coach of the VCU Basketball Program and headed the Rams until 1989. Under Pollio, the Rams had losing records for two seasons, which is a first for the team. However, Pollio also led the Rams to the NIT Quarterfinals.

    Coach Jeff Capel

    During Jeff Capel’s tenure, the Rams were once again pushed to the limelight in 2003 to 2004. He led the Rams to 2nd place in the conference in his first year, an overall record of 23-8, conference play record of 14-4, regular season champions of CAA, and champions of the conference tournament. The VCU Basketball team was granted with the East Region’s #13 seed and in the first round played against then #4 Wake Forest Demon Deacons. The Rams led in the majority of the 2nd half but still lost 79-78 by one point.

    Coach Anthony Grant

    During Anthony Grant’s first season as coach, he led the VCU Basketball team to a record 28 wins. He was also awarded the distinction of being the CAA Coach of the Year with the distinction of setting a record for the most wins as a first season coach. The Rams went on to garner a record of 76-25 in three seasons under Anthony Grant.

    Grant led the Rams to a 52-10 vs. CAA challengers, which include conference tournaments, three straight conference championships in the CAA Regular Season, and two tournament championships in the CAA Conference. He also led the Rams to one NIT invitation and two NCAA Tournament invitations prior to renouncing his post to head the University of Alabama basketball team.  Under Grant’s tutelage, the Rams’ Eric Maynor became the 20th draft in the 2009 NBA Draft during round one by Utah Jazz.

    Coach Shaka Smart

    Shaka Smart is regarded as the VCU Basketball Program’s most inspiring head coach to date. In two of his seasons, he has led the Rams to unparalleled heights, which include an appearance in the Final Four and 55 wins among others. They won against USC 59 to 46, defeated Georgetown 74 to 56 and reached Round of 32, and won against Purdue 94 to 76 which landed them a spot in the Sweet Sixteen, which is a first for the VCU Rams.

    The Rams then won 72 to 71 against Florida State by a last second successful shot during overtime by Bradford Burgess and succeeded in landing in the Elite Eight, another first for the VCU Rams. They followed their win by defeating the #1 seed Kansas Jayhawks 71 to 61 and landed in the Final Four, another first for the VCU Rams. As champions of the Southwest Regional, they played against the Butler Bulldogs, the Southeast Regional champion in the National Semifinals but lost to them at 70 to 62.

    At the end of the season, Shaka Smart was awarded 6th place in the ESPN/ USA Today Coaches Poll. This is regarded in VCU as the highest ranking in their history, as well as of all teams in the CAA. The VCU Basketball Program’s run in the 2011 NCAA Tournament is widely recognized as the best Cinderella story in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

    VCU Basketball Program Current Roster of Players

    • Briante Weber, 2 – Freshman, Guard
    • Teddy Okereafor, 5 – Freshman, Guard
    • Darius Theus, 10 – Junior, Guard
    • Rob Brandenberg, 11 – Sophomore, Guard
    • Juvonte Reddic, 15 – Sophomore, Forward
    • Bradford Burgess, 20 – Senior, Forward/Guard
    • Treveon Graham, 21 – Freshman, Guard
    • Jarred Guest, 23 – Freshman, Forward
    • Heath Houston, 24 – Redshirt Freshman, Forward
    • Reco McCarter, 25 – Redshirt Freshman, Guard
    • Troy Daniels, 30 – Junior, Guard
    • D.J. Haley, 33 – Sophomore, Center
    • David Hinton, 34 – Redshirt Junior, Forward
  • VCU Apartments with Utilities Included


    The Pine Court Apartments in the VCU area are geared towards excellence with the university student in mind. Pine Courts have many necessities and utilities included in all of their rooms. The utilities that are included feature everything a hard-working university student will need to survive in a vast urban sprawl, providing the necessary tools to conquer anything a luxurious or bohemian lifestyle demands. Living comfortably in the VCU area, no matter what your budget may be, is easy if you choose to stay in Pine Court Apartments. Pine Court Apartments are the premier VCU apartments with utilities included.
    These utilities include everything a living human being needs to survive in our technologically-advanced society. Steady supply of electricity and fast wireless Internet, to the bare essentials like water, bathrooms facility, and sanitation are all covered with easy, all-in payments. Secure and safe rooms are also a feature of Pine Court Apartments in addition to the utilities included, along with ample parking spaces near VCU for university students who drive cars.

    Utilities are Included at Pine Court Apartments!

    Pine Court Apartments provide a convenient place of residence for students who attend VCU and even other nearby educational institutions. As one of the top 100 research universities in the United States, Virginia Commonwealth University can be a tough place for a student to study in, so a comfortable place to kick back and relax in can be a godsend.

    Pine Court Apartments includes and features amenities that are needed to survive in this day and age:

    • A convenient location – Pine Court Apartments is situated walking distance from Virgina Commonwealth University, as well from many different restaurants and recreational venues. Emergency services like the VCU Community Police Office and the Richmond Fire Department are also nearby.
    • Secure parking areas – Students who own cars often complain about how parking is not ample enough at VCU to accommodate all of them. VCU Apartments has large and secure parking lots, providing a place for your valuable vehicles to stay safe as well.
    •  Multiple Suite Designs – Whether you prefer the lifestyle offered by a traditional dormitory room, or the privacy of a condominium, Pine Court Apartments provides comfort to any sensibility.
    •  Bathrooms for every room – Having to share a bathroom at a dorm can be a drag, especially in emergency situations. Your very own private bathroom is a standard at Pine Court Apartments.
    • Balcony views – Selected apartment units have balconies overlooking the beautiful scenery of Virginia. Out-of-state students who have always wanted to see the Virginia Moon at night may find this a particularly luxurious addition.
    • Accessible laundry facilities – Whether you haven’t bathed in days to work on a thesis, or after a particularly messy night of partying, your clothes are going to need cleaning sooner or later. Laundry facilities are included on-site in all Pine Court buildings.
    • On-site maintenance crews – Should you have a leaky pipe or a broken wall socket, Pine Court Apartments’ on-site maintenance team should have any faulty item in your apartment up-and-running in no time flat.
    • State-of-the-art security systems – University students are often a target for burglary and theft. With the amounts of money paid for tuition fees alone, students often have the additional worry about their dorms getting robbed. The security team and systems at Pine Court Apartments may help ease this worry.
    • Cable Television – Television can be a relaxing way to kill time, or serve as background noise for busier VCU students. Pine Court Apartments features cable television complete with 13 movie channels, including HBO.
    • High Speed Internet – The Internet is increasingly becoming a necessity in the digital age. Pine Court apartments provides high-speed wireless internet for all apartments.
    • Daily janitorial services – Keeping an apartment building clean is not only important for aesthetic reasons, but is also needed to ensure the health of tenant staying in Pine Courts. Janitorial services are carried out daily for the safety and health of the students.

    More great Pine Court amenities

    Parents who are also concerned about the safety and wellness of their children who attend VCU can sleep soundly at night. The general VCU area used to be known as a mildly unsafe area for students. In light of this concern, Pine Court Apartments strives to ensure concerned parents that safety is a top priority and the safety of their children who stay in Pine Court Apartments will be ensured at all times.

    Large corporations often end up spreading quality thin, as their products and services reach a larger customer base, but not with Pine Court. Pine Court Apartments is a family-owned business that offers 24-hour management services, 7 days a week. Any concerns you may have about safety, utilities, or any late payments can be made no matter what time of day, night or year it is.

    Concerns about payments are a worry of students most especially. Pine Court Apartments offers spacious rooms to students of VCU and other prospective residents for as low as $750. Prospective residents must also know that while there may be separate utility bills for other residential areas, Pine Court Apartments includes these fees in one rental check.

    Online application forms are provided on the Pine Court Apartments web site. Filling out paperwork at a cold, sterile office may be something that can put off some prospective residents who have certain sensibilities, after all. The convenience and ease of online forms may fit the busy agendas of VCU students, too.

    With all the features included in these all-in rental and accommodations packages, VCU students may feel right at home at Pine Court Apartments, as all utilities are included no matter which kind of room they may choose.

  • VCU Housing for Graduate Students

    The Virginia Commonwealth University area not only offers housing for regular students, but also for graduate students pursuing continuing education. Post-graduate studies can often take its toll on students, so it’s very important that students have a comfortable place to relax and rest. Pine Court Residences offers comfortable and affordable housing to those seeking to pursue continuing education in and around the VCU area.

    VCU housing can offer amenities that cater specifically to students, such as the convenient location right next to the VCU campus. High-speed Internet, uninterrupted supply of electricity, in-house laundry services, and more ensure that both undergraduates and graduate school residents can live comfortably for as long as they stay. These amenities and more will help you get the most out of your graduate studies, whether at VCU or otherwise.

    Graduate Studies and You


    Graduate studies can take their toll on individuals who decide to pursue continuing education, and in more ways than one. Schedules are more rigorous, subjects become that much harder, and the admission process in some schools can be very difficult to meet. It may come as no surprise that getting admitted into VCU for graduate studies may be a difficult task.

    Extended stays in and around the VCU area may come as a result of admissions, or a more rigorous schedule if accepted. While you may not be allowed much free time during the intense schedule of a grad student, you will at least need to get some rest every now and then. A meager student budget may also restrict your options for housing.

    Pine Court Apartments can help ease both of these conundrums; providing both the convenience of location in addition to affordable prices. A grad student lifestyle may mean that time spent traveling is time wasted, so being able to walk to class in minutes can be a boon to most. The prices of accommodations at Pine Court Apartments are all-in. A graduated student need not worry about other things such as having to for pay tuition fees with rent money or vice versa is minimized.

    Security can also be a problem common around the VCU vicinity and surrounding premises, meaning college students are also a prime target for theft and burglary. Around-the-clock security teams and state-of-the-art security systems ensure that graduate students at Pine Court Apartments are kept safe. One worry is now out of their minds, letting graduate students focus on the matter at hand: getting that graduate or master’s degree to increase knowledge and boost earning potential.

    In case of emergencies, Pine Court Apartments is conveniently situated close to not only VCU, but also to emergency service stations such as police outposts and fire stations. Grad students who may have a bit of an accident when experimenting at home or gathering data for a thesis need not bleed to death in more dire situations.

    Amenities and Utilities

    Graduate students need more focus and attention to complete graduate or master’s degrees. Worrying about things like blackouts, faulty Internet connections, leaky pipes, or even their laundry can inevitably lead to a drop in grades. Circumstances that are beyond their control can put an end to the hard-earned graduate course they dream about.

    The many utilities and amenities that are offered at Pine Court Apartments are designed to be as consistent and convenient as possible in order to provide graduate students and other residents a worry-free living experience. These utilities include:

    • The essentials – Water, electricity, sanitation, private bathrooms, and even cable television with channels like HBO are standard in every apartment unit.
    • High-speed Internet – Now a necessity, students and regular residents alike will be glad to hear that Pine Court Apartments is here to cater to their dependence on the Internet.
    • Laudry facilities – Grad students are going to have to come out of their apartments sooner or later; sometimes because of the smell that their unwashed clothes make. Laundry services are on-site at all Pine Court Apartment buildings.
    • On-site maintenance – Should you have a faulty Internet connection, leaky plumbing issues, or a wall socket that needs fixing, on-site maintenance will help make your lifestyle even more convenient.
    • Janitorial services – Keeping a building clean is essential for a grad student’s health and well being. Janitorial services are active around the Pine Court Apartment buildings daily.
    • Secure parking areas – VCU students are often seen complaining about the security and scarcity of parking in the campus parking lots. Pine Court Apartments provides not only a home for you, but your beloved automobile as well.

    About Pine Court Apartments

    Pine Court Apartments is a family-run student housing business geared towards grad students and undergrads alike. Pine Court has over 10 years of experience constructing residential buildings in the State of Virginia, with over 2000 apartments built since they started operations a decade ago. Years of experience and widespread availability make Pine Court Apartments a go-to for students looking for affordable yet comfortable living spaces.

    Graduate students who are strapped for cash, because of student loans or for whatever other reason, will be glad to know that the prices when obtaining accommodations in Pine Court apartments are all-in. This means that utilities and other expenses are all included in a single rent check each and every time, it needs to be paid at the management office.

    Good and efficient management is also an aspect that Pine Court Apartments prides itself in; management teams stationed on-site at every building can be easily reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should you have a certain problem regarding your rent checks or other management concerns, a quick call should have your problems solved. Graduate students at VCU will find this particular feature useful for the maintenance of their housing needs.

  • Off Campus Living at Virginia Commonwealth University


    Off-campus students at VCU refer to those students who are not part of the university controlled housing. Because the university wants to extend its help to students regardless of their living preferences VCU offers Off-Campus Student Services. The Off-Campus Student Services of VCU is committed in promoting and celebrating living in the city or within the neighborhood that intersects with the VCU campus. VCU aims to harmonize the living condition of students both inside and outside the university with its services.

    Regardless of your choice when it comes to off-campus living, all you need to know is how you can make the most of your experience while also getting updated with the latest of happenings. You have a lot of off-campus services options along with other choices in terms of living college, participating in events and exploring the city.

    Off-Campus Housing Search and Assistance

    Many of the students at VCU who live off-campus do so because of personal choice. They have found that the surrounding area is also good and conducive for both learning and experiencing college life. The housing arrangements outside VCU make way for a range of lifestyles accommodating just about every type of character.

    You have the option to live just right across the street and you can also get roommates according to your preferences. You are also well assured that housing arrangements that you can find through the off-campus housing search and assistance are safe including the way to the campus.

    Alternative Transportation

    VCU’s Off-Campus Student Services provide a lot of insights and helpful information for off-campus students when it comes to getting to and from off-campus housing to the campus. That is, the recommended routes and transportation offer less stressful way for students to get by. You may even be able to ride bike to school because there are bike routes available. Likewise, you can also choose to ride the bus, drive, use your scooter or share rides. Depending on your preferred transportation arrangements, there will definitely a preferable option for you.

    If you are opting for the ridesharing then it is a good thing to choose Zimride. The Zimride refers to a new program offered to the VCU community. People can share rides through their EID access membership. For details on such, students should contact the Off-Campus Student Services.


    VCU’s Off-Campus Student Services provide a number of educational programs helping students learn how to live right and cope up with off-campus residential setup. Through these program you will be able to learn different methods in securing your house, being comfortable in your living quarters while also dealing and coping with the change in environment and your new setting. The student services office conducts programs like My Big Green Neighborhood Tour and Moving On Moving Out. You can also learn great tips if you are opting for a bike ride to and from the campus.

    These programs will provide you with comprehensive information about how you can get acquainted with different alternative transportations to and from campus. You can also avail programs from the co-sponsors of VCU. There’s Commuter CoffeeBRAKE program offered during Spring as well as Fall semesters. Students with off-campus living settings can find out more through the co-sponsors and with a nice cup of coffee.


    Off-campus students also need the same things as resident students. Nonetheless, if you are opting for an off-campus residence then you shouldn’t need to worry because the same services are provided just like how they are readily accessible to students living inside the campus. The facilities at VCU offer a number of conveniences that can help off-campus students feel at home and comfortable inside the campus.

    The VCU Student Commons area provides lockers that are appropriate for daily use and regardless of the semester. The Commons and the Hunton Student Center also have microwaves where students can heat their food. Access is very convenient for both areas. The Larrick Student Center, on the other hand, not only houses the Recreational Sports aspect of the VCU campus but it provides “reservable” meeting rooms as well. There are also several restaurants that students can access to eat. Food selection is very diverse catering to everyone’s tastes.


    There are many areas and attractions around VCU which also serves as a good way to explore your interests and get to know the city. From museums to galleries and other dining venues, you can enjoy going around and experiencing things. Off-campus living should not be a very hard thing to do or an immense experience to overcome. Plus, it is not entirely different from living on campus because the same amenities and conveniences are offered.

    If you are looking for the right accommodations off campus then perhaps it is best to check out Pine Court Apartments, the premier location for VCU off campus living. The Pine Court buildings have been around for quite some time already offering students comfortable and convenient living units. As for roommates and furnishings, VCU provides search assistance help giving you the necessary resources to get furniture within your budget and roommates that fit well with your personality and preferences. The office of Off-Campus Student Services is always ready to assist VCU students in settling with their preferred off-campus living accommodations.

    Participating in the off-campus programs is one good way that you can efficiently manage your off-campus life with your on campus needs and activities.