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  • Why Pine Court Apartments is the top choice for VCU Off Campus Housing

    Students who seek out comfortable, spacious yet affordable places to stay while studying in college should consider Pine Court Apartments. These VCU off-campus apartmentsare loaded with the luxuries to accomplish any college task ahead of you, as well as the amenities you need to make after a long day in class. Whether at work, or at play, our spacious student-oriented residences will make you feel right at home.

    Located at an extremely convenient distance from Virginia Commonwealth University, students of this college will be able to access more than their classrooms and cafeterias from the Pine Court. Residents can easily reach restaurants, cafés, recreational areas, as well as hospitals and police kiosks in case of emergencies. Don’t settle for a single mom’s basement when you need to move to Virginia for college; the Pine Court won’t break your bank!

    Features and Amenities

    The Pine Court Apartments have all the things a student from any course would need to complete their academic requirements, as well as luxuries that will help them kick back on days off. Offering both spacious places to work and comfy places to chill out, college life might end up even more enjoyable then you thought it would!

    Renting from Pine Court Apartments  include the following:

    • Utilities Included – Typical utilities such as water, gas and a running sewage line will make sure the bare essentials of your survival are covered. Utility fees will be included the base payment plans for any kind of apartment.
    • Electricity and Wireless Internet – Taking a step into the digital age is now mandatory for anybody studying at a University, and the Pine Court is here to help you take that step. Not only will you be able to find ample power for your devices here, but high-speed wireless internet will make sure you get your term papers and projects done in no time flat.
    • Cable TV – Need to kill time in between classes? Sit back and watch your favorite shows and movies at your Pine Court crash pad. Our cable TV also includes HBO and STARZ, on top of a heap of other, prime channels.
    • Private External Courtyard – If you think you are spending too much time in a stuffy classroom or lecture hall, then our private courtyards offer a convenient outdoor foil to your claustrophobia. Relax alongside the serene greenery and the blue skies when you feel the college life becomes too much to handle!
    • Daily Maintenance & Laundry – While you’ll be left up to your own when you need to clean your own living space, the common areas in and around the Pine Court complex undergo regular maintenance and cleaning. Laundry facilities are also located on-site, if your dirty drawers can’t last another day in your constantly-filled laundry bin.

    All these amenities would mean nothing if the residents aren’t housed securely from unscrupulous characters and other undesirable elements of a community. While these might be few and far in between, Pine Court Apartments takes one step further to eliminate security threats with the following measures:

    • Secure parking areas are allotted for students with cars or other vehicles, and include handy garage remotes for easy access.
    • CCTV systems, which are also readily viewable on residents’ televisions, monitor common areas 24/7.
    • Dead bolts are installed on all apartment doors for added security for when students are at class, or elsewhere.
    • Management is available around the clock, and are easily reachable for the residents at any given time of the day or night.

    Units at Pine Court Apartments are typically booked before the next school year at Virginia Commonwealth University begins. Vacancies are usually low, so plan ahead if you would like to book an apartment for yourself or for your children entering college. You may book online, or call the official Pine Court offices for more details.

    Location, Location

    Part of what makes Pine Court apartments a popular choice is its convenient location. Not only will residents be situated next to the Virginia Commonwealth University, but they will also be located next to other, useful establishments. You will never have to hike miles away to convenience stores, restaurants, cafés, or even emergency services ever again.

    For students of Virginia Commonwealth University, taking up residency at the Pine Court apartment complex will put them at a stone’s throw to the following facilities:

    • The VCU Engineering School, which is situated within one block of the Pine Court.
    • The VCU New Business School is also located about one block from the Pine Court.
    • The VCU Cary Street Gymnasium is located about the same distance.
    • A large, multi-level parking complex is located nexto the Pine Court III complex for easy access to your vehicle.

    Pine Court Apartments understands that a location that is convenient for students will enable them to do better at their studies. You never want to be too tired from walking home after school, after all. Come home to a comfortable apartment after a long day at school, without having to transfer buses or take the train for hours!

    With features and amenities for the modern student, combined with a quick and easy location, residents are surely in for a treat. Pine Court Apartments will offer students and their concerned parents the best value for money, so that you have more time to worry about their studies instead!

    Pine Court Apartments offer all of the on campus benefits with the cost of VCU off campus housing.

  • VCU Off-Campus Housing


    The situation with Virginia Commonwealth University’s off-campus housing can reach critical mass during peak enrollment seasons. Securing a place to stay within the school’s vicinity should be done early, especially for families who live particularly far away from VCU. Scoring an affordable and comfortable place for your child on his way to college, while beating the enrollment rush, will secure him a commodity that will make his or her campus life much easier.

    While there are many choices for a given family to choose from, Pine Court apartments remains to be one of the top picks for families searching for VCU off-campus housing. Students who study at VCU, or any other college for that matter, will need more than simple apartment amenities to survive in the university lifestyle. Pine Court offers everything a student will need, such as wireless internet and much, much more.

    Richmond’s Student Housing Situation

    VCU and the surrounding area of Richmond certainly have many choices for the student looking for accommodating housing units. However, applicants for many apartments and other types of housing will first need to secure reservations way before the school year even begins in order to be accommodated at all.

    As far as on-campus housing is concerned, VCU has implemented a large expansion project for its school grounds. This includes on-campus housing facilities designed for students, two of which being the West Grace North and South student dormitories. The South Housing building will contain 459 bedrooms, as well as 218 parking spaces, while the North building will have a capacity of 388 students. Both facilities are slated to open for the Fall 2012 term at VCU.

    However, on-campus housing can have many disadvantages compared to off-campus types of residences. You’ll have to share your room with somebody else, who may or may not be somebody you are comfortable living with. Looking after your personal hygiene, as well as potential noise and security matters, will turn out to be issues later on.

    This also rings true for many off-campus housing units around VCU, too. A lot of them do offer many amenities and luxuries that make them more comfortable than on-campus housing units, but the prices one will have to pay for even a simple apartment are through the roof. A simple internet search will reveal just how much apartments and other kinds of housing units in the area cost: Upwards of $1000 for rent alone.

    An alternative to off-campus apartments or on-campus dorms can include rooms for rent, which may or may not be shared with other residents or roommates. These are certainly cheaper alternatives that might even include useful amenities like wireless internet, but you will have to look particularly well on your own time and effort to find such a place. Your safety and security in housing choices like this rest in your own ability to sniff out the good from the bad.

    So what other choices does a new student to VCU when it comes to off-campus housing units? Perhaps the answer is Pine Court apartments, which strikes the balance between price and luxury geared towards the working student.

    Pine Court Apartments: Bang For The Buck

    Around the Virginia Commonwealth University area is where the Pine Court Apartment Complex sits. Located just a block down from Cary Street and the VCU New Business School, these apartments offer safety, security, essential amenities and simple luxuries at accessible prices for the hard-working student.

    Here are what the Pine Courts have offer for residents:

    • Apartments with utilities included, such as electricity, running water, and other utilities will make sure a student resident will be able to survive to the fullest.
    • On top of the essential utilities, luxuries such as cable TV and high-speed wireless internet are included with every room.
    • Safe public areas, including in-house laundry areas, common courtyards and secure parking lots will make sure everything outside a student’s apartment is also accommodating.
    • Safety and issue for concerned parents? No problem: the entire Pine Court complex is monitored by CCTV cameras 24/7, while every apartment door can include an optional dead bolt lock.
    • Reaching management is also easy and convenient, as they are available around the clock if a resident is having any kind of problem.
    • Last, but not least, small efficiency bedrooms at the Pine Court start at a meager $750 fee, which includes the luxuries like cable TV and high-speed internet!

    Common areas are maintained by a trained cleaning staff on a regular basis, so that the surrounding areas within the Pine Court are always clean and inviting. It’s certainly more than we can say for other off-campus housing units around the VCU, especially at this price point.

    That’s not to say there isn’t a shortage of other, reasonably-priced housing options around the VCU area that contain good luxuries and amenities. A little research can go a long way, especially if you are a concerned parent searching for similar accommodations for your fresh high school grad child. Don’t skimp out on the time and effort to get the best in safety and comfort for your loved ones!

    Pine Court Apartments can certainly save you this effort with its budget prices and great luxury for the prices you end up paying. Off-campus housing around the VCU area might end up the key to the success of your child’s new life in a whole new town.

  • President Obama Speaks at VCU

    President Obama made VCU his second-ever stop on his re-election campaign on May 5th, 2012. A big part of a president’s re-election agenda has always been targeting the college youth, and this move was no different. His move was strategic in winning over hotly contested states on the East Coast, which included Virginia. Included in his plans are other states with strong election competition, such as Ohio, where he initially began his re*election campaign.

    Highlights of the VCU rally included an attendance of over 8,000 people, including students of the college itself. Obama presented himself as many things during the rally, touching upon issues faced by the middle and working classes of America. He also gave light to the many protests and rallies at Wall Street, and did his best to state why he was an overall better pick for the country than competitors such as Mitt Romney.

    The Campaign Trail

    A crowd of about 8,000 strong braved the rain to see current U.S. President Barack Obama speak on stage at Virginia Commonwealth University this May 5th. Obama had previously won the election in Virginia back in 2008, and remains to be a heavily contested state this coming election season.

    Election rival, and leading contender for the Republican Party Mitt Romney had just wrapped up a campaign stop in Northern Virginia just three days prior. He then moved down to the Hampton Roads on May 3rd. Being early to the draw has always been critical for winning votes for the general elections; a strategic move that won Obama this hotly-contested election state.

    Ohio, where Obama made his first stop, is another state where votes are closely contested between both Republican and Democratic competitors. His speech at the Ohio State University, where branded Romney as a “rubber stamp for extremest Republicans.” He then labeled himself as a man who strives for the working and middle class citizens of the United States.

    Perhaps Obama was touching upon the recent economic and social inequalities brought upon by the Wall Street protests when he mentioned Romney during his speech. Quips that pointed out Romney’s experience with “Running a large financial firm and running a state,” and why that made him “wrong from these experiences” revealed Obama’s clear disdain for his Republican competitor.

    Journalists who attended both rallies criticized his speeches as being attacks geared directly towards Romney while being veiled as generic criticism against Republicans as a whole. Obama’s track record as a president has not been wholly well-received by citizens; critics argue that he plans to take a more aggressive path to re-election as a result.

    A War Against Republicans

    Obama’s criticism against Republicans and Romney have been taken up a notch for his recent re-election campaign. His speech at VCU included many pressing matters that the nation faces today, which included the current state of the economy, the social classes brought to light during the Wall Street Protest, among many other things.

    “The Republicans who run this Congress have insisted that we go right back to the policies that created this mess in the first place.” Obama made in a bold statement against his competitors. He believes that his Republican counterparts will refuse to move the country “Forward,” as his campaign slogan states.

    While Obama did have much to say about his competition, he also had much in store for the country. He stated that he refuses to “pay for another tax cut by kicking children off the Head Start program, or asking students to pay more for college” in his struggle to re-gain the Virginia voter’s belief in his re-election.

    His controversial stance on medical care was also something Obama touched upon during his re-election speech at VCU. He “refuses to eliminate health insurance for millions of poor, elderly and disabled Americans on Medicade,” clearly showing his stance on the entire health care debacle the country still feels today.

    While touching upon the many issues that stand in the way of his re-election, Obama reminded the attendees at VCU of his promises to fix the economy, and create jobs for millions of unemployed Americans. The president did indeed have these promises again, but his track record still followed him to the event; something that may make his race an even closer one than in 2008.

    Not Just Promises, But a Record

    During his term as president, Obama signed off on all-encompassing yet controversial acts and bills. One of these was the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which requires citizens who are not currently covered by insurance plans from private or government offices to maintain one regardless.

    The Stimulus Package, or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, was also an act by Obama that was met with controversy. Here, the government would seek to counter the recession by offsetting the excess in private spending with an increase in public spending. This was done by employing a great variety of measures, all of which aimed to save the job market and stop the deterioration of the economy.

    Despite relatively welcoming crowds at both Virginia and Ohio, Obama still has a long road ahead of him when the election finally comes around on November 6. His pubic appearance at Virginia Commonwealth University will leave voters both young and old something to ponder on, both in the present and in the past.

  • Apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University: Why You should Choose Pine Court


    One thing that you should know when looking for a place to stay while attending VCU is that there are many different apartment choices at Virginia Commonwealth University. Because of this, you might find it hard to choose the right one that will not only match your budget, but your needs, preference, and taste as well. A lot of these apartments located at the Virginia Commonwealth University are old and have just been renovated. If you want to get the best value for your money while still being able to relax and feel secure in your new apartment, you should consider getting a Pine Court apartment.There are many reasons as to why you should choose Pine Court Apartments over the other apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University. First and foremost, Pine Court apartments provide more benefits and advantages over the other house-for-rents you will see near the university. And as mentioned above, most of the apartments that you will find located near VCU or within VCU itself are old. While some of these old apartments may have cheaper monthly rates, this also means choosing one might lead you to experience numerous problems.

    Listed below are some of the top reasons as to why you should choose to live in a Pine Court apartment over the other cheaper but older apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University.

    Reason No. 1: Pine Court Apartments are Located 1 Block off the VCU campus

    One of the things that you should consider when looking at the numerous apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University is whether or not it is near your department. While budget may be your first priority, just imagine how hard it will be for you if you choose an apartment that is out of your way to school just because of its cheap monthly rates. This will not be a problem for you when you choose Pine Court as your home away from home.

    Pine Court Apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University are located just across Cary Street when you are coming from the New Engineering School. These apartments are just a block away Cary Street when you are coming from the New Business School. These are also just a block away on Cary Street if you are coming from the New Cary Street Gymnasium. As you can see, living in Pine Court will provide you with immediate access to VCU.

    Reason No. 2: Pine Court Apartments Provide Convenience

    Another reason as to why you should choose Pine Court Apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University is because of the convenience that these provide to all its tenants. One of the problems that you will experience when choosing a cheaper and lower quality apartment is the lack of amenities. However, with Pine Court Apartments, this is never a problem, as you will be granted with access to numerous amenities for your convenience.

    The following amenities are being offered by Pine Court:

    • Suite Style Apartment Designs
    • Private Bathroom in Each Bedroom
    • Premier Location
    • State-of-the-art Technology in Security
    • Private Outdoor Courtyard
    • Laundry Facilities located in Every Building
    • High Speed Internet
    • Cable TV
    • 24 Hour Availability of Management
    • On-Site Maintenance
    • Daily Cleaning and Janitorial Services
    • On Site Safe Parking
    • Balconies for Some Units

    Reason No. 3: Safety of the Tenants is the Priority of Pine Court Management

    Another problem that you may experience when choosing an older apartment in the vicinity of VCU is lack of security. However, when you choose one of the Pine Court Apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University, security is not an issue. In fact, the safety of all the tenants is one of the top priorities of the management. Here are the security systems being implemented by Pine Court:

    • Secure Parking Area with Remote Control Access
    • CCTVs
    • Dead Bolts on all Apartments
    • Fire Alarms
    • Sprinklers
    • Smoke Detection Systems
    • State-of-the-Art Security and Safety Systems

    Reason No. 4: Pine Court Apartments are Built to Meet the Needs of VCU Students

    As a student of VCU, you will be provided with numerous housing options. However, as mentioned above, most of these apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University are just old houses that were renovated to provide housing options to VCU students. This means that most of these have problems when it comes to amenities, security, clean and spacious bathrooms, and safe parking lots. When you choose Pine Court as your second home while in college, you will never have to deal with all these issues as all of these apartments are specifically built for the needs of you and other VCU students.

    Reason No. 5: Pine Court Apartment Rates are Budget-Friendly

    Another good reason to choose Pine Court over the other apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University is because of its competitive and friendly monthly rental rates. Your parents will be happy that they will send you off to college knowing that you are safe, secure, and comfortable in a place that you can call your home while you are away. The best thing about this is that their money will be well spent on a worthy investment.

    The monthly rental rates of all the Pine Court Apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University already include the following:

    • All monthly utilities including electric, water, cable TV, trash, and sewage expenses
    • High Speed Internet
    • Private Bathroom in Every Bedroom
    • Daily Cleaning and Janitorial Services in the Public Toilets
    • On Site Keep Up and Maintenance
    • Laundry Facilities located in Each Building

    These are just some of the reasons as to why you should already consider living in Pine Court compared to other cheaper yet older apartments at Virginia Commonwealth University. If you want convenience, comfort, and affordability, this is the right housing option for you.

  • The VCU School of Medicine

    If you are planning to attend med school in Richmond, Virginia, you should consider enrolling in the VCU School of Medicine. Considered as one of the best public educational institutions located in the United States, prospective students are guaranteed to receive only the highest quality education when it comes to health care giving. In this article, you will find all the information that you need about the school, its history, the other courses offered by the school, its mission, its strategic plan, and its teachings.


    About VCU

    The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is an educational institution considered as one of the leading research universities in the United States. VCU is a home to over 32,000 students. This educational institution has two campuses located on Richmond – one is the Monroe Park Campus while the other branch is the MCV Campus. The VCU Medical Center, which includes the health sciences schools of the institution, specifically the VCU School of Medicine, provides state-of-the-art health care in over 200 areas. This university also serves as Virginia’s sole Level 1 Trauma Center.


    Before the establishment of the VCU School of Medicine, the university undergone several changes first, both in its name and the educational programs that it provided. Its rich history began when VCU was founded in the year 1838, when the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) was established as the Hampden-Sydney College’s medical department. In the year 1854, MCV became an independent institution. In 1860, MCV became state-affiliated.

    The Monroe Park Campus of the Virginia Commonwealth University started its operation in the year 1917. Back then, it was known as the “Richmond School of Social Work and Public Health.” In the year 1925, the educational institution became the College of William and Mary’s Richmond division. In the year 1939, from being known as the Richmond School of Social Work and Public Health, it became the Richmond Professional Institute. In the year 1962, the institution separated from the College of William and Mary to become an independent state university.

    In the year 1968, the Virginia Commonwealth University was signed into existence by Governor Mills. E Godwin Jr. He proceeded with this decision with the recommendations of a 1967 report. A legislative commission that was led by the then Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President Edward A. Wayne Sr. developed this report containing the recommendations for establishing the Virginia Commonwealth University.

    The first ever VCU Board of Visitors then named Wayne as the vice-rector of the educational institution. In present times, individuals who have made exemplary contributions as well as outstanding services to the Virginia Commonwealth University are awarded and honored with the Wayne’s Medal. VCU became what is now today when the Medical College of Virginia and the Richmond Professional institute merged as one in the year 1968. Today, the VCU School of Medicine is the leading public school in the state of Virginia proving comprehensive medical education and top notch training programs.

    Other Courses Offered

    Aside from the VCU School of Medicine, this institution also provides numerous other educational programs. These include:

    • Accountancy
    • Adult Learning
    • Advertising
    • African American StudiesAmerican Studies
    • Applied Social Research
    • Art Education
    • Art History
    • Athletic Training
    • Business Administration
    • Cinema
    • College Student Development and Counseling
    • Communication Arts
    • Computer and Information Systems Security
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Crafts and Material Studies
    • Creative Writing
    • Criminal Justice
    • Dance and Choreography
    • Design
    • Economics
    • Education
    • Electrical Engineering
    • English
    • Environmental Studies
    • Fashion
    • Financial Technology
    • Fine Arts
    • Foreign Language
    • Gender Education
    • History
    • Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
    • Human Resource Management
    • Information Systems
    • International Studies
    • Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Mass Communications
    • Mathematical Sciences
    • Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
    • Music
    • Non Profit Management
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Product Innovation
    • Public Administration
    • Real Estate and Urban Land Development
    • Religious Studies
    • Social Work
    • Sociology
    • Sport Leadership
    • Systems Modeling and Analysis
    • Taxation
    • Teaching
    • Theater
    • Transportation Planning and Analysis
    • Urban and Regional Studies

    The School of Medicine’s Mission

    The mission of the VCU School of Medicine is to provide students with the proper education that they need in order for them to improve the quality of the health care they provide to others. Through the use of state-of-the-art and innovative activities and diverse educational programs, the School of Medicine aims to create, and at the same time, apply the new knowledge gained to continuously improve and provide the best medical education to all its students. It is also the mission of the school to come up with health care practices that are more effective in order to address the needs of the people it serves.

    The School’s Strategic Plan

    The strategic plan that the VCU School of Medicine implement is for the students to try their best to overreach the goals and objectives set for them by the university. By doing so, the students, the faculty members, and its staff will excel in an ever growing, creative, supportive, inclusive, intellectually stimulating, and innovative community. This strategic plan reaffirms the school’s vision of a strong and continuous commitment to its mission, roots, and core values. VCU believes that this plan will ensure equity, diversity, and excellence in research, community engagement, patient care, and teaching.

    The School’s Teachings

    The VCU School of Medicine provides high quality education and training programs to more than 700 students from all over the world. These students attend this institution to pursue and finish their M.D. The renowned faculty of VCU is composed of both internationally and nationally acclaimed and recognized staff members who also represent over 200 specialty areas. VCU also provides prospective students with as interdisciplinary programs, doctoral degrees, and master’s degrees.